Guigui Prod has a dream; to create the best, most radical and advanced freestyle shapes in the market and then adapt and customise them according to your needs.


The workers of this company are kayakers that take joy out of riding, this is why we don’t want to renounce to anything; we want you to be able to throw the most aggressive tricks while enjoying your ride, surf and grind as you have never done before.


We want to help making your paddling look elegant and effortless and yet provide you with enough pop and snappiness to make the crowd go loud. We believe that freestyle kayaking is about holes and waves and want our designs to be exceptionally good for all kinds of spots.


These are the ideas that the Helixir 2018 is built on; a joyful and performing boat to paddle in all kinds of conditions. The Helixir 2018 is the logical evolution of the 2015 version, we have identified every single one of the small glitches of the 2015 shape and over a period of one year we have worked to make those glitches, the strengths of the new shape.


In terms of the performance in the hole, we have made the stern longer in order to enhance the stability of the rotations like the cartwheels, trickys and lunars, the back end volume distribution is now more progressive to allow for smoother back end tricks and huge backloops.


We have maintained the slicyness of the ends so initiations and getting the right verticality on your tricks remains easy and have only increased the volume in the central third of the boat as we want you to fly higher than ever.


We have also added more rocker to the hull in comparison to the old shape, this makes blasting for your lunars and mcnasties way easier so you can comfortably start these moves from any position.


The extra rocker also enhances the rotation of the loop-based tricks, it allows for amplitude and shots the boat forward helping to stick tricks in flushy features and cleaning your loops.


In the wave, the extra length in the back end means the boat is faster, we have developed a new hull that is slightly curved, no straight lines make for an extremely loose boat, that will easily spin, grind and transfer the edge, you will be blunting the smallest waves with no effort.


The extra rocker and the new edges make for exceptional take offs and the rounded-hull is thought to make transitions between moves easier so you can finally stomp those airscrews to airscrews!


One of the most exciting things of this boat is how fun it makes front surfing and setting up for a trick, you will be able to surf further in the shoulder of the wave, throw tricks where nobody else can do and find potential by innovating and exploring the new possibilities unlocked by this boat.


What’s new in the construction? Well, the first big change is the rim of the cockpit, it is now a 3D rim, you will no longer struggle having to find a deck that fits, the new rim is 100% dry and way less damaging for your sprayskirts. We know this is something you guys have been asking for a long time, so there you go!


New seat, 100% made of compacted foam, it’s just as comfortable as the old one, it is way lighter and will not break no matter how big you go and how bouncy the wave is. The old carbon seat really stressed the hull of the boat, eventually cracking the sides of the boat, specially when surfing big waves, with the new seat we have solved that problem and will be taking extra care of your back by reducing the impacts absorbed by your lower spine, we want you to shred and stay healthy for years to come!


More awesome new stuff, the new 2018 Strong construction makes the whole boat way more stiff, so central foam blocks are not required, more space for your legs and enhanced durability is a win-win to our minds!


GuiGui-Prod Helixir 2018 Carbon

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