• This is the perfect paddle for ocean paddling and sprint surfski racing
  • It’s also perfect for female flatwater paddlers.
  • A small blade makes for an easy entry and exit for the smaller female paddlers and younger male paddlers. Great for light weight adventure racers.
  • Good catch, very strong pull phase, clean exit.
  • Made with Monocoque Technology to better feel each stroke.
  • Available in three different stiffnesses.
  • 2 Piece Adjustable with QNECT .


Size   One Size      
Blade area   715cm2      
Blade length   490 mm      
Blade width   159 mm      
Carbon content – blade / shaft   100% / 100%      
Shaft diameter   29 mm      
Paddle weight   ~ 720 g      
Metal Tips-   no

G'Power Maverick


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