Pyranha Kayaks are leading manufacturers of whitewater kayaks. With their  international team designing whilst being made in Britain. Pyranha designs are built to the highest standards, tested by the most demanding paddlers on rivers across the world. For river running, creeking and freestyle.

Pyranha Kayaks have been expanding to become Europe’s leading specialist manufacturer of canoes and kayaks. After over 40 years of research and developments, award winning designs, world-class expeditions and supporting top class boaters.

Pyranha boats are all built to the same high standards. So they can continue pushing to the limit with their world class team of paddlers on the world’s toughest rivers in the Himalayas, Rockies and Andes.

In 2024 Pyranha Kayaks are still ran by kayakers and they are still committing to being on the leading edge of kayak design. Making constant improvements to their whole production processes supporting this.

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