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Hiko Paladin 402 Dry Top Product Testing

Team Rider Jake was excited to test out our new range from Hiko Sport. First up is the Hiko Paladin 402 Dry Top.

First impressions were great. The Paladin 402 has plenty of premium features for a dry top. Featuring latex wrist and neck seals that are protected by a neoprene outer. The cut of the top and the sleeves is well designed has plenty of room where movement is needed, yet offers a slim profile.

A clear silicone coating on the inner waist area stops the dry top from riding up even after a long freestyle session. Two well designed pull cords around the waist are also great for keeping the cag in position around the spraydeck.

After a long freestyle session in the depths of winter I was very happy to stay very warm and dry! This is a perfect product for white water, freestyle paddlers and others looking for a premium dry top.

Hiko Sport Paladin 402 Dry Top: https://www.flowkayaks.co.uk/product-page/hiko-paladin-402-dry-top


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