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Meet our Experts

freestyle canoeing and kayaking
Jake in his GUIGUI-Prod
  • Role: Director
  • Years of Paddling: 18
  • Disciplines: Whitewater, Freestyle and Fun!
  • Favourite Water: Dora Baltea – Italy

Tamsyn McConchie

canoeing and kayaking
  • Role: Finance Director
  • Years of Paddling: 8
  • Disciplines: Whitewater, Freestyle and Polo
  • Favourite Water: All of it!

Matthew Footitt

nottingham canoe and kayak shop
Matt on the River Lune
  • Role: Shop Kayaking Expert and Team Manager
  • Years of Paddling: 16
  • Disciplines: Whitewater, Rafting, Slalom
  • Favourite Water: Ubaye Race Course, French Alps

Becky Green

David Rogers

Jack Ledwith

Beth Kirby