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Flow Kayaks – The story so far.

Flow Kayaks – The story so far.

We have been trading for a while now and we thought it may be a good time to explain a little bit more about who we are, what we do and why we choose the brands that we wish to supply to our customers.

Why do we do what we do?

Jake runs and oversees the day to day running of Flow Kayaks. He has been paddling for over 15 years, many of those competitively, originally in slalom and later in freestyle and whitewater. Jake is a motivated paddler and is always keen to try any discipline available to him whatever it may be. His heart, however, lies in freestyle. Jake has competed in GB Freestyle competitions for 10 years now and since moving to Nottingham in 2017 – where you will often find him raft guiding throughout the summer season at HPP – is now a three year member of the GB Freestyle Kayaking Squad. He is now working towards his goal of competing in the 2021 World Championships in Nottingham next summer, with the help of his world renowned coach Jacko Jackson. Through this paddling experience Jake has developed a taste for using only the best available products and brands on the market for quality and performance. This taste is reflected in the brands and products that we choose to retail with Flow Kayaks. If you ever see Jake on the water, please do stop him if you wish to know any more information or have any questions about us, or even for some paddling help and a good chat! He can often be found flipping around in his turquoise GUIGUI-Prod freestyle boat at HPP.

How do we choose and why do we work with our suppliers?

Flow Kayaks began importing and distributing EXO Kayaks to the UK in June 2018 at a time where EXO was certainly not a common brand to see on UK water. Two years down the line EXO Kayaks are now in several official trusted dealerships across the UK and Ireland, distributed by EXO Kayaks UK and Ireland (division of Flow Kayaks). Including Above & Below, Canoe & Kayak Stores, I-Canoe, McHale Marine, Radical Rider and Whitewater the Canoe Centre. We are very happy to work with these valued professional stores.

Flow Kayaks are now proud to announce that they are suppliers of the following brands:

EXO Kayaks, GUIGUI-Prod, G’Power Carbon Paddles, LB9 Brand, Connect Kayaks, Peak UK, Hiko Sport & Starboard SUP.

EXO Kayaks have been making boats for over 20 years now, but only more recently under their own name. After a few changes and upgrades in manufacture EXO released the T-Rex in 2017, a modern creeker which has proved very popular across Italy, France, Spain and more recently the UK and Ireland. EXO have made a large selection of quality designs to cover many bases over the past couple of years, with the Rexy standing out as the best seller. EXO also produce the plastic version of the GUIGU-Prod Helixir 2018. We have now began importing the EXO Portofino Sea kayak, this has been a hit with paddlers in Pembrokeshire and we look forward to seeing more of these out on the water this year! Expect new river designs from EXO in early 2021. See their full range on our site here:

GUIGUI-Prod – this brand needs no introduction. Established boat designer and carbon fibre specialist Guillaume Respaud has released groundbreaking designs since 2008. We are pleased to offer the whole GUIGUI-Prod range. We hold EXO x GUIGUI-Prod Helixir S & Ls, Pre-Cut Carbon conversion kits in stock and will build you your Lightweight Helixir on demand. You can now order your full carbon boats with us too and we will offer expert advice and service for this to help you purchase your dream kayak! See the full GUIGUI-Prod range here:

G’Power Carbon Paddles are simply a work of art. Carbon fibre paddles designed with performance, strength, aesthetics and attentional to detail all in mind. Rafal Głażewski has an impressive list of medals under his belt and has brought his A-game to his business also. G’Power manufacture a broad range of elite designs for almost every paddlesports discipline including slalom, sprint, SUP, whitewater, sea, freestyle, surf ski, whitewater racing, dragonboating and more! See the full G’Power Carbon Paddles range here:

LB9: Extreme Water Gear. An innovative Italian start up company founded by Canoe Polo multiple decorated medalist Luca Bellini with an aim to create the most ultimate, performance enhancing water sports products. From canoe polo to sprint, slalom, whitewater, SUP, windsurf, surfing and more, the benefits of LB9’s technical wear are found. LB9 have created a very impressive range of products, but they really stand out with their best seller – the LB9 Compression Rashguard. The quality, performance and benefits of this product are going to be near impossible to beat, we simply don’t hit the water ourselves without this base layer, it’s just that good! Hold tight to see more amazing products from this company. Why not be the best version of you? Choose LB9. See the full LB9 range here:

Connect Kayaks, established in 2014. Carbon fibre boat manufacturing specialists for competitive disciplines Slalom, Sprint/ Marathon, Polo, Whitewater Racing but now also composite sea kayaks. Connect Kayaks are a rapidly growing company with a very impressive volume of boats heading out of their factory in Portugal. We are very excited to be working with this company and are expecting our first demo boats soon for K1 slalom, we hope to have more for C1 and Polo later in the year! We are so pleased to be able to offer elite composite designs for these disciplines in a range of constructions, suitable for whatever level your paddling ability, whether club, competitive, professional, expert or on the world circuit! See the full Connect Kayaks range here:

Peak UK is another brand that needs no introduction. Peak UK was formed back in 1990 when it’s founder Pete Astles was an up and coming slalom racer, funding his sport by working in a local kayak store. He fell ill and could not train for a few months, so became bored. As the products in the store were badly designed and sized poorly he decided to try making some garments of his own. With help from a sewing machinist friend they soon made a prototype jacket and PFD. His fellow slalom racers all wanted these jackets and PFDs, and that’s how it all began… We are pleased to be stocking Peak UK so we can continue to provide the best possible products for our customers’ needs, whether in a competitive capacity with Racer ST’s or for recreational use with River Guide b/a’s and Deluxe dry jackets! See the full Peak UK range here:

Hiko Sport are another developer and manufacturer of high quality, innovative paddlesports wear, based in the Czech Republic. From cags, PFDs, drysuits to high spec slalom raccing cagdeck and b/a systems they have it all! Hiko Sport have only recently been promoted in the UK but we expect to see this brand more and more on the water in the next couple of years. See the full Hiko Sport range here:

Starboard, the biggest Stand Up Paddleboarding company on the planet? Starboard are leading the game with award winning designs, artwork and constructions. Whether it’s SUP Sprint racing with elite, super stiff hardboards, SUP yoga, whitewater, surf, even hydrofoil, Starboard have it all! What we really love about Starboard is their ethical focus on the planet. “Are we the world’s first company to calculate our plastic footprint and set up a plastic offset program? Are we the first company to aim at becoming Carbon Past Positive, balancing not only our current carbon footprint but our entire 25 years of business? Can we together play an important role in changing the tide of pollution and help the world vote for the ocean?” Svein Rasmussen, Chief Innovator, Starboard. See the full Starboard range here:

We love the work that we do and nothing puts more of a smile on our face than seeing our customers out on the water having fun with the products we have supplied. We have supplied many customers in varied markets, a few highlights have been:

  • The National Water Sports Centre, Nottingham
  • HM Armed Forces: Army, Navy, RAF
  • GB Freestyle Team
  • Irish Canoe Slalom Team

We are looking forward to welcoming new customers as we continue to move forward!

We are currently going through a website re-design which we hope to launch in the next 4 weeks. If you cannot find what you’re looking for on our site but it is from a brand that we supply, we will arrange to get it for you, please contact us on the following:


Tel: 01158557542

See you on the water!

Flow Kayaks Ltd.

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