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Demo Canoes, Kayaks & Paddles

Try our Demo Products

We have the following products to demo on the water!


  • EXO Zion Slalom S
  • EXO Zion Slalom L
  • EXO Zion Creek S
  • EXO Zion Creek L
  • EXO Party Rexy
  • EXO Rexy
  • EXO Portofino Sea
  • EXO XM Top
  • EXO Swing
  • EXO Bay


  • EXO x GUIGUI-Prod Helixir XS
  • EXO x GUIGUI-Prod Helixir S
  • EXO x GUIGUI-Prod Helixir L


  • Pyranha Firecracker 232
  • Pyranha Firecracker 242
  • Pyranha Ripper 2 S
  • Pyranha Ripper 2 M
  • Pyranha Ripper 2 L
  • Pyranha Scorch S
  • Pyranha Scorch M
  • Pyranha Scorch L


  • Jackson Rockstar V S
  • Jackson Rockstar V M


  • Lettmann Machete 65
  • Lettmann Machete 85
  • Lettmann Plan B M


  • ZET Cross
  • ZET Chili



  • Kober Azul T7
  • Kober Azul Ergo
  • Kober Scorpion T7
  • Kober Rebel T7


  • Select Wild Straight 2PC
  • Select Wild Bent 2PC
  • Select Wild Carbon 2PC


  • Lettmann Ergonom Pro WW 2PC


  • G’Power Twister X-Creek 2PC
  • G’Power Harpoon 2PC
  • G’Power Warrior SUP Elite 2PC


Please send us an email with the subject “DEMO – e.g. Pyranha Scorch M”, including the date and product(s) you wish to demo and we will reserve it for you.

Our demo fee is £25.00 for demo boats and £20.00 for paddles per day. Please retain your receipt as the value of your demos will be taken off of the price of the boat or paddles that you wish to purchase from us in the future. All demo products must be collected and returned to the Flow Kayaks store by the customer unless another arrangement has been made in agreement with Flow Kayaks.