Alex Neal

Name: Alex Neal
Favorite river: Zambezi, or Rio Claro?
Occupation: Photographer and film maker at Travel to Paddle Productions
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

About me:
I’ve always been an adventurous person, but I only started kayaking five years ago. While that isn’t
particularly long, it as taken over my life in the last three years and made life so much more exciting.
As soon as I was allowed to leave full time education I started travelling the world to kayak as much
as possible. Since then I have paddled in seven countries across five continents, sometimes staying
for months at a time and making multiple visits. From the big volume madness of the Nile and
Zambezi to the low volume creeks of Val Sesia, Italy, I love kayaking and everything that comes with
it. In that time I have been building my Media company, Travel to Paddle Productions, which I hope
will one day allow me to stay on the move and on the water full time.

Kayaking has taken me to some amazing places including lunch under Victoria Falls, boxed into the
Rio Claro gorge and exploring new rivers in the Indian Jungle. I love the adventure and challenging
myself in new exciting places.
I can’t wait to see where kayaking will take me over the next few years – I’m only just getting

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