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Jake and Steve have collaborated their skills, expertise and knowledge to create Flow Kayaks. Jake has been paddling for over 15 years, originally competing in Slalom and later moving to international competitive freestyle. Jake has now been a member of the GB Freestyle Squad for the past three years and has been a kayak coach since the age of 16. Jake studied a degree in Outdoor Activity Leadership and Coaching at the University of Derby and has spent his time since then raft guiding and kayaking around the UK, Europe and Africa. 

Steve is an experienced business Director, both technically and commercially. Steve has a passion for sailing but is developing a real interest in other water sports and with some help is working on his paddling, with the help of Jake!

Flow Kayaks are pleased to work with, supply and support the following organisations: EXO Kayaks, LB9, HIKO Sport, G’Power Paddles, University of Derby, The National Water Sports Centre Nottingham, Army Canoeing, RAF Canoeing, Navy Canoeing, Travel to Paddle Productions, British Canoeing & GB Freestyle Kayaking.


We pride ourselves on providing the best kayak technology for each of our clients. Flow Kayaks aim for all of our clients to feel as comfortable and safe as ever when paddling with our products, whilst achieving an ultimate amount of fun and performance.


In order to achieve this we work with carefully selected brands and companies that share our passion for premium quality and performance. Flow Kayaks are proud to supply EXO Kayaks, LB9,  HIKO Sport and G’Power Paddles to the UK and Ireland.