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Pyranha Kayaks: World Leading Kayak Manufacturers Since 1971

pyranha kayaks

Pyranha Kayaks: World Leading Kayak Manufacturers Since 1971

pyranha kayaks

Pyranha at Flow Kayaks, Nottingham


Past Designs

Pyranha Rotobat

pyranha rotobat

Pyranha Acrobat

Pyranha S6F

Jake Boswell in his Pyranha S6F in 2009
Pyranha S6F

Pyranha Shiva

whitewater kayaks

Brand Improvements and Performance Processes

pyranha kayaks

How are the designs created?

Production and Quality Control

pyranha kayaks molding
whitewater kayak droptest

Final Checks

Constantly Innovating

Team Pyranha

Aaron Kendall with a video guide of the Fairy Glen in North Wales.
Bren Orton 2023 Highlight Reel

Available Kayaks

Check out our range of Pyranha Kayaks below!


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